Sing Inchanga is a UK registered charity working primarily in  and around The Valley of 1000 Hills, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

The valley lies between  Durban and Pietermaritzburg

Our Story

Our founder David Tims went out to South Africa on a school trip in 2007 to do some outreach work, and it completely changed his life.


In 2010, he went back, after raising enough money to buy a piano for
Inchanga Primary School.  This was the start of Sing Inchanga.


There was no real space for this piano, other than a storage room with broken

windows and ceilings, but this had to do.   This is where our first choir at Inchanga Primary School, was started. David, being a musical director, was able to quickly get the choir into shape and soon, we had our first paid booking.


It was a great success and the money made from the concert went straight back into helping to improve the school.


After a break from South Africa and a few more concerts in the UK,
there was now enough money to renovate the schools hall and take it from a dirty, ratridden building, into something everyone could be really proud of.


Enough money had been raised to give the classroom a makeover and some ceilings, but a big financial investment from a company called EduSolutions, made the buiding look like it does today.


So, with a stage in the room too, we could really start thriving
as a choir!


We strive to give opportunities to learn music and in turn provide sustainable teaching in these communities.

We provide grants to enable schools to fund music teachers as well as giving the right resources for music to be taught.


We provide guitars and guitar teachers, to allow for group instrumental lessons for students and for schoolteachers. Thus allowing, in time for the teachers to be able

to pass their skills on to the students.


We are using funds raised mainly in the UK to ensure that dilapidated buildings are bought up to a good standard.


We provide educational facilities to improve the learning environment of pupils. We help individuals in dire need of support and can help to start projects like community gardens for a sustainable source of food and in some cases, an income.


Inchanga Primary

Sing Inchanga
Boys Choir

Sing Inchanga
Guitar School

Children's Home

Sithembakuye Community Garden

The White House





Sing Inchanga

UK Registered Charity No.1158473

London UK

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